Hijaw Total Adaptation - War And Evolution
An unnamed organism. he forgot everything except the Truths and Laws. Now, he lives again and seeks answers. But first, he needs to survive! Only by continuously adapting oneself and evolving can he be victorious. Where is he, what is he, and will he change from an unnamed organism to a supreme lifeform?
Yasuchi A Nightmares Uprising
Usually, people from other worlds were summoned by the oracle: one for every demon lord that arose, one for every disaster that fell onto their holy home. When Seung awoke, he had nothing. No name, no human body and no clear memories of what had happened to him. It took time, blood and more than one near-death experience but he learned, had to learn. With adventures out for his hide and all the other...
Electez Strongest Demon
A soul mismached and misolaced is at the end of its life going to be reincarnated into Dragon Ball but not as he imagined it to be as he isn't going to be a saiyan nor human but a Frost demon "Don't own Dragon Ball, I am bad at english and no regular updates"